Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve and How Can You Combat It?

Forgetting curve is the decline of memory retention over the period of time. The forgetting curve hypothesis shows that for the information is lost in the memory over a period of time.

The things we read are stored in the neurons of our brain. You can understand it in such a way that the way we store data in the hard drives of computers, in the same way any information is also stored in the human brain. But there is a big difference between computer hard drives and human brain that hard drives can store only one type of data while the brain can store different types of data and computer hard drives and brain The difference in memory is that our human brain forgets information slowly, while computers can store information for a long time, so let us understand why our human brain forgets information slowly. is and why is it important.

How to remember things for a long time ?

If you want to save any information for a long time, then definitely you will have to do repeated repetition and revise it again and again. The things that our neurons accept, those things gradually end human civilization. It is a boon that we go on saying things. Traveling with time is a very good quality. New ideas come to us and old ideas go away slowly in our mind. Due to this, we humans can live life happily. Think if the things you have seen once or read once or heard once, if it remains to be remembered, then today we human life would have been the life of a madman because our mind would have got a lot of information which would have been very difficult.

That’s why God has made our human brain in such a way that it accepts new things day by day and with time and forgets the old things but we humans want some good information to be with us and our Remember in the mind so that all of us can give good performance or we can do well in the exam, there is only one solution for this, that is to convince your mind that this information is useful for you and you can remember it for a long time. Want to keep brain is a kind of collection of neurons which will help in understanding things and will create a space to remember it for long term that is why you need to revise it again and again. there is no other way

With the help of this graph, we can try to understand that how our human brain starts forgetting things according to time, after how much time we have what things we start speaking and in what percentage it is forgotten. In this group, we can understand that how much information is left with us according to time and according to that we all should revise those things which we are feeling, we should remember if you remember something. If you want to remember, then you will definitely have to revise it according to that time.

How to revise again and again to remember things ?

If you are trying to remember things or not and you are trying to divide them i.e. you are trying to tell your brain that you have to remember these things and remember it for a long time then definitely From this you should revise those things after some time and interval by this your mind accepts new things and forgets the old things which are not needed we can understand here that we are trying to remember things. For that we should not forget things that our mind forgets, for this we must revise things properly and try to understand them and try to remember them through some tricks.

If we all humans agree in a way, then we are like an animal and we also speak things in the same way as animals forget, we have only so much respect in humans and animals that we can understand things and complex things. understand and remember them for some time and we humans have discovered such a language by which we connect with each other while animals could not develop any language Animals are not able to connect with animals, animals talk to other animals in their own language and are able to communicate, but they are not as developed, but we humans have found a way to develop language well and keep it for a long time, that’s why we According to our knowledge and intelligence, we try to keep things for a long time and try to remember them, for this we need to associate good things with ourselves and we always start living with those things if you Start living with good things, think about them, try to understand them, then definitely you and your neurons will accept those things in a good way.

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