How to Read and Understand history?

The society in which we are living is also a history and the life we are living is also a history, every moment we are living is also a history and the time we are coming to the village is also a history. Must understand that each of our moments is a history.

Three Phase of History

The way we try to understand history, we believe that all of you will be able to understand history in the same way. History is such a subject that if you will surely change your life you will be able to become a great personality from an ordinary human being.

1. Pre History [ No Written Record – Stone Age ]

Our human society is mainly divided into 3 parts and if we understand then we study history mainly in three parts. First history we try to understand the time in which there is no written evidence and That yoga was in a way a yoga of stone, how we humans have given life first of all, it is called a kind of stone age, in the same way we humans have gradually developed ourselves, the way we started from the beginning. Advance life and our human life, it has been a phenomenon for a very long time, so let us try to understand how we humans have developed ourselves.

  1. Start to move civilization
  2. Hunting and gathering
  3. Growing the crop
  4. Animal hunting
  5. New beginning of using the tools

2. Proto History [ Written Record – Indus Valley Civilisation]

When our human society progressed and we humans started showing our dominance on this earth, we humans started connecting with each other, then we also started writing something, we started doing some day work and we started leaving some of our students and We can say that the life we humans lived was a little better than the previous life.

  • Indus Valley Civilisation

3. History [ Written Record ]

Today, when we try to understand the things of our human life in this modern era, then we all are not able to understand these things with our intelligence and discretion, no matter who is calling, whatever is written. It must be beyond the understanding of all of us, we are trying to understand it. But don’t understand we have return records but still we don’t understand those things we can also try to guess something about them by looking at that but still we can’t tell whether it is correct or not.

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